Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Long Overdue!

Wow it has been a long time since I have posted updated photos of our Pookie! Here are some new favorites of our crazy guy. He has been busy learning about his world. Jack is obsessed with TV (what have I done??) and watching Yo Gabba Gabba - he LOVES that show. We cannot tear him away from it! He is talking up a storm and usually can been seen stomping around the house like he is in charge...but I guess he kind of is:-) I cannot count the number of times in a day Jack either makes me laugh or I think about something he recently did and I just start cracking up in the middle of whatever I am doing. I love you my Pookie!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Happy Birthday! We can hardly believe that our little guy is already ONE! It is just amazing how fast a year can fly by...we have had some many fun experiences with Jack and Eddie over the past year. There are so many little moments that I will never forget as a mommy and they would seem trivial or routine to anyone else, but are so special to me and I am so thankful to be able to have such a great life with my guys:-)
Some of my current favorites about Jack are the wing of hair that sticks out behind his ears, the look in his eye like he is plotting something, his tiny little teeth, and his growl/laugh noise that he makes when tickled or when he thinks something is funny. We love you Jack!

Jack had a great day - he began by sampling various items at the breakfast buffet, and played at the Chandler Mall playground for the first time. He walked to the baby area and was super shy, but gradually warmed up to the other kids and after an hour he was terrorizing the whole place, and even went down the biggest slide there! We then returned home and he ate cake and opened presents, then spent the rest of the day and evening playing with Eddie and his new tent/ball pit and lion flashlight (his favorites!). Thanks Papa and Grammy! The bottom few pics are from later when he opened Aunt Laura's presents which he also loved...his books and musical instruments! By this time Jack had become an expert present opener! Thanks Auntie Laura!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Favorite Photos

Just wanted to share some favorite random photos from the past couple of months...

Fall is here!

On Wednesday we took Jack to Mother Nature's Farm in Gilbert. He LOVED watching all of the other children run around and play and jump around in the bouncy thing. Jack and Eddie went on a hayride, picked out pumpkins, talked to a cow, and ate hot dogs. Jack even got his first few tastes of cotton candy (it would have been the whole bag if he had been in charge). We had a great couple of hours and the boys were adorable.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yum Yum Yum Yum

Here are some more of Jack's one year photos - note the guilty look on his face in some of them! The photographer said that most babies get upset when they get this messy, but Jack remained focused the entire time and we think he actually did eat a good amount of the frosting. By the end of his photo shoot, he somehow ended up sitting on top of the cupcake - what a mess!